Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowman Bugsy

Anna and me with Bugsy, our snowman
I went on a little run this morning. Will gave me a workout for yesterday that I didn't do and wanted to, so I braved the roads (the interstate was the WORST and the main city roads I drove on were fine) and went to MFY. The workout was this: 30-second lunge each side, 400, repeat for 4 total times; 30-second standing ham, 400, repeat for 4 total times. He didn't say anything about rest, so I took 20 seconds before starting the lunge/ham and 10 seconds before starting the run. Then I took 6 minutes (4 laps around the little track) between lunge and ham 400s. I was supposed to run the 400s in approximately 1:30 each. I definitely succeeded and felt great!
  • 1:27.74 #1
  • 1:25.38 #2
  • 1:23.98 #3
  • 1:26.40 #4
  • 6:00 recovery
  • 1:26.25 #5
  • 1:22.50 #6
  • 1:23.99 #7
  • 1:24.12 #8
  • 3:36 recovery
All told, it was exactly 30 minutes. A good 30 minutes. I felt great during and after and was very surprised that the 400s after standing ham were faster than the 400s after lunge. Not complaining. I had to push myself and enjoyed it.

Then it was off to Anna and Josh's house after the grocery store (where there milk and little bread) for a 1 hour trainer session and some fun sledding and snowman-building with Meghan and Nathan also. What a fabulous afternoon with some amazing people!

The bikes

The hill

Anna coming down the hill

Josh and Anna

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