Monday, January 25, 2010

10 Minutes of Work

Oh, wow. This morning's workout was epic. Which means the afternoon's workout is going to be even more so. In the past, we have done some 5-minute long isometric exercises, even some 7-minute ones. Not today—this was a whole other animal: 10 minutes of work. Oh, wow. First we all (Luke, me, Will, and Bill) did the little goals/affirmations mental exercise, and we continued that throughout the workout.

  • Zurcher squat: 20 lb
  • TFL: 5 minutes in, 5 minutes out; first I got to where I couldn't lift my leg; then I got to where I couldn't move my leg. Ouch.
  • Lateral delt raise: 1.5-lb dumbbells

The evening workout was slightly better. Five minutes doesn't seem so long when you've gone twice that long. Extreme slow, 5 minutes:

  • Push up
  • Lunge R (3:15, then stayed at the bottom and tried to pull deeper the rest of the time, L (2:30, then stayed at the bottom); definitely felt the hip flexors
  • Standing ham (the glute ham thing we use was being used by 3 of our many companions); it felt good to use the back of my legs after having done lunge
  • Curl (1.5-lb dumbbells)

That was it. Then I got to watch Zach work, thankful that I was not the one doing the 10-second manuals holds.

And because I desperately need to see this written out so that it motivates me:

  • April 25: St. Pete's/St. Anthony Tri (possibility)
  • May 9: Knoxville Rev3Tri
  • May 22–23: Memphis in May Sprint and Olympic triathlons
  • June 5: Quassy Rev3Tri
  • June 12: Hi-Vee
  • July 12-ish: Chattanooga Waterfront
  • August 20-ish: McMinnville
  • September 12: Cedar Point Rev3Tri

And a few running races somewhere in there, hopefully a trip out to Texas/Phoenix probably late June/early July, and maybe some local road bike races. Oh how I wish I were excited to race.

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