Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This morning we made up for the work I couldn't do yesterday, skipping only lunge press (which I definitely accomplished yesterday):
  • Altitude drop legs: 5×10 with 10 deep breaths' rest
  • Low-squat foot jumps: 10×10seconds with 10 seconds' rest
  • Curl: 2×75 seconds each arm with a 15-lb dumbbell
  • Bent-over rebound row: 10×10 seconds with 10 seconds' rest each arm
The afternoon workout was solo, thankfully, because I actually needed to stay at work late. Again thankfully, it was a short-ish workout:
  • Lunge press: 6×30 seconds work each leg, 24-lb bar. Having the weight made this about 1,000 times more difficult than normal. Whereas I can usually do 22–24 during the 30 seconds, I was happy to make it to 12 (but always did at least 10).
  • Standing ham: 3 minutes. Currently, anything feels short compared to the 10 minutes of work we did earlier.
  • Push up: 3 minutes, standing, wide.
  • Preacher curl: 2×75 seconds, 24-lb bar
Home to listen to the president's speech, full of rhetoric, which I expected, then off to sleep. Ready to race tomorrow morning!

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