Thursday, January 14, 2010

CompuTrainer Class: Tempo Ride

Today's session was a good, hard workout—similar to last week's with slightly longer sections:
  • 10-min warmup
  • 5x10-min tempo rides with 4 min rest between each one
  • 4-min cooldown
During the tempo sections, we were supposed to keep our cadence between 95 and 100. The middle section was the hardest because the bar was raised slightly, but we all did it and did well. I think I rode somewhere around 30.5 miles with an average wattage of 155 or so for the 80 minutes. It was a much better ride for me than Sunday's ride was (during which, I found out today, my max wattage was 560 during the bursts we did; not bad considering my average wattage then was about 125 and I wasn't up for a hard ride).

After work I headed to the Donelson Y to do almost the same as what I had done the day before only with diferent equipment and thus different weights:
  • 1-leg dead lift: 10×3, 40-lb bar, going down just enough to touch a low bench
  • 1-arm dead lift: 3×3 each arm, 45-lb bar
  • Glute ham: 50 reps, all quick off the bottom
  • Russian lunge: 6×3 each leg (I felt so good on these!)
  • Plenty row: 10×3 each arm, 20-lb dumbbell
Then I had a little time to read before dinner at Mafiaozas with 100 of my closest friends. Or rather, 100 of my peers, 2 of whom happen to be great friends. Met one new person, Kate, enjoyed some pizza, and went home and read my book for an hour and a half. Not an early night, to say the least.

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