Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day

I was here!
It snowed a lot yesterday. Well, a lot being relative to Tennessee. We have probably about 3 inches of snow/ice on the ground. Thankfully the majority of it is snow, but there is a layer of ice on the pavement and another layer on top of the snow. It's made for a few fun walks this morning! I went all around the grounds here just to see what the roads were like.

Adventures I had:
  1. Helping, with 3 other people, push a girl's car off the pile of plowed snow she'd gotten stuck on and then watching one of the guys get a long running start to get his little car up a little hill.
  2. Talking to the nice man out salting about the rest of the roads; he said the interstates were worse than our totally iced main road.
  3. Walking up the hill toward where Carissa said she lived; it wasn't that bad, and people were able to get up it, so that was good.
  4. Paying rent with the intent of using the wireless network; no such luck, since the office is closed due to "inclement weather."
  5. Exploring around the pond and taking pictures of the ice.
  6. Walking out on Moores Lane to see very few people in Cool Springs at noon on a Saturday; you would have thought it was around 5am!
  7. Offering to help some guy get his Explorer out of his parking spot; he declined my offer to push, saying that it was kind of fun trying to get out. I watched from my window and noticed that he eventually had to have someone help push his car.
  8. Currently watching someone try to park—their wheels are spinning and they're not going anywhere!
Adventures I did not have:
  1. Sledding
  2. Driving
  3. Running; MFY was open, but the woman I talked to said everyone and their brother was there.
Today I'm grateful I have some food in my pantry and freezer. I have no food in the fridge and had been hoping to get to the grocery store, but after watching everyone have such difficulty parking in our lots, I might not go out.

Blue Lightening covered in ice
The sheets of ice have been kind of amusing. The passenger side of my car was completely free of any ice, tho I did have to brush snow off. The driver side was completely covered in a fairly thick sheet of ice but nearly free of ice. It took me maybe 10 minutes to get most of it off with the scraper. Other people have been trying all methods, from a bottle opener (I lent the guy a scraper) to chunks of ice to water bottles. It's really been fun to watch other people!

Because I didn't run today (and really wanted to, especially after all the hard work we put in this week), I decided to do something other than just walk around outside (although that felt good and was relaxing): the TFL exercise we skipped Friday morning. Sit on the ground, lift one leg up and turn your hip/foot in, extend it as wide as you can, and do 5 minutes extreme slow to in across your other leg. As soon as those 5 minutes are done, complete it with another 5 minutes of in to out. By the end of the 20 minutes, I could hardly lift my leg but didn't have nearly as much difficulty moving it as I did earlier this week.

Then I was curious and asked what TFL stood for. We came up with some amusing options (Time For Lengthening, Torture For Legs, The Fast Legs, That's Freaking Long) before landing on the actual meaning (Tensor Fasciae Lata). Evidently it's part of the hip flexor? Maybe I'll go back to The Fast Legs and hope it will help me get fast!

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