Friday, January 29, 2010


My legs are still burning from the workout this morning. It wasn't so bad until the last one and that's saying a lot, because they all were extremely hard.
  • Lateral delt raise: 10 minutes extreme slow, seated, 1.5-lb dumbbells
  • Zurcher squat: 10 minutes extreme slow
  • Curl: 10 minutes extreme slow, seated, 1.5-lb dumbbells
  • Wall squat with towel curl to press: 5 minutes, curl to press was extreme slow bottom to top
I did the entire 5 minutes for wall squat. 1, it was half the time of the Z squat. 2, I had the towel to distract me. Did I ever feel accomplished after I finished! My legs are indeed burning now, but it felt good then! Off to lunch at Swanky's Tacos (thankfully I didn't have to work at work today because of the snow), back home to work, off to work out's like a cycle. But, we discussed today it being slightly different once Will leaves. That will be really good for me. I definitely need to be getting outside more and will have a much more difficult time accomplishing these difficult workouts without someone pushing me.

More extreme slows for the afternoon, 5 minutes:
  • Lateral delt: seated, 1.5-lb dumbbells
  • Curl: seated, 5-lb dumbbells
  • Zurcher squat: 25-lb weight
  • Glute ham: from top
  • 1-leg squat

Yes, it snowed today!
They were calling for 3–6 inches, and we haven't been disappointed so far! Since I didn't have to go in to work, I didn't have to drive. When we drove to the cabana, Will said it was a little slippery. Bill said people were sliding all over the place, Carissa said they couldn't even drive up to their apartment because the hill was too icy, and the Tennessean had some great photos of the highway from earlier. We were supposed to have gone to watch Luke swim in his regional meet but decided not to, a decision that was definitely a good one in hind sight (although I would have gladly let Will drive; I can drive in the snow well enough, but I have little patience for others who can't).

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