Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sitting in the Stairwell

New shoes: Pink and gray Puma flats
This morning's workout was similar to what it has been most of the week; Will said there were a few things he wanted me to work on and then we'd move to something else.
  • Lunge press: 6x6 each leg. I think I was supposed to focus on having a violent stop at the bottom and then pushing hard off the bottom. And keeping the bar up a little higher, because if it were a heavy bar I wouldn't bring it down so low at the bottom of the press.
  • Low-squat foot jumps: 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 times. Work on jumping high, like a vertical jump. Better this morning than yesterday morning.
  • Push up: 3 minutes from the top. Keep chest up.
  • Upright rebound row: 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 times each arm. Keep elbow higher than wrist and be aggressive.
  • Lay on the ground, on my back, for about 5 minutes and visualize recovery and being healthy. I could have stayed there all morning.
It was rainy all day today, which meant that I was relegated to the stairwell instead of being able to take a walk outside during lunch. That meant that I could do some standing ham and wall squat (if for no other reason but that I don't like sitting all day and jeans aren't conducive to lunging).

Lunchtime activity: Reading the Bible in the stairwell while stretching

New camera: Portable and water-resistant
I'm pretty excited about this camera. It's a caribiner, which means that I can easily carry it with me while I run and take pictures of random cool things.

We did an afternoon workout, but I can't remember all that it was. They're all starting to run together, so I hope Will's keeping a record of them. I do remember that before the workout, he set up Nancy and me on his new grounding system. I'm not sure what it does, but it has something to do with getting all the bad electricity out—sort of like a drain. I think we might try it again, frequently. It might help me sleep better!

We did this and maybe more, in no particular order:
  • Bench press: 1 arm, 20 lb, 20 each arm, with 3 breaths at top and bottom; I did this in 2 sets of 10 because I forgot I was supposed to have done 20. Plus I don't think I cuold have done 20 all at once.
  • 1-leg dead lift: 25 lb, 20 each leg, 2 sets
  • Standing ham: 5 minutes
After the workout, it was dinner with the Roberts (late) and then off to sleep.

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