Sunday, January 10, 2010

Running Quarter Miles

  • 0.25-mile warm up (to try to get my feet un-numb, which didn't really work)
  • 200 lunge walks (100 each leg), 2 full times around the track at MFY
  • 10×3 bench press, 45-lb bar
  • 5-min standing extreme ham (the hardest EVER, but finally my feet got warm)
  • 5-min-or-so rest
  • Lunge: 20 seconds each leg
  • Immediately run 0.25 miles (3.5 times around the track)
  • Less than 30 seconds rest
  • Repeat for 5 total reps
  • 1:27.71
  • 1:26.25
  • 1:25.03
  • 1:23.12
  • 1:26.66
Including the first 2 laps for the lunge walks, I ended up with 2.25 miles. Then it was back home for a little lunch and then off to the Endeavor Performance cycling studio for 2.5 hours on the CompuTrainer. I was so happy to be riding inside. If I had been outside, it would have been one of those rides where I pray for a flat tire or a bike mishap that either makes me fall so far behind I'll never catch up or I can't ride any more. I rode easy, ended up 5 miles behind Lisa, and didn't care. Around 1:30 in, my legs started feeling OK. About 15 minutes later, I lost that good feeling. But I kept riding, and that was my goal.

My supper was hamburgers and pickles. I don't think I've ever actually read the pickle jar before, but I did today. Notice the size of the jar, in ounces, in the first picture.

32-ounce jar of the best pickles: Milwaukee Midget Dill
Then I saw the serving size and number of servings. Something didn't quite add up, and I'm not sure if it was a misprint or what.

Something's not right here: Maybe the 1 should be 2?

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