Friday, January 8, 2010

Post #500!

I finally made up the altitude drop legs part of the workout I skipped on Tuesday, and it went much better today than it would have gone had I tried to do it then after workout/swim/run/workout. Cool Spring Y has been my friend this week!
  • Altitude drop legs
    • 20 at regular height (~30 inches)
    • 40 at half height
    • 20 at regular height
    • 20 at half height
  • Bench press: 3 minutes extreme slow
  • Wall squat: 5 minutes extreme slow
  • Phasic leg curl: 150 R, L
  • Phasic front delt: 150 R, L
Then we had a fun adventure at work. Matt wagered $5 for anyone who would try to run across the pond outside. It's been below freezing for at least a week, but the fountain had been on at least Monday and so we weren't sure whether the pond was solid.

Tim gave it a try

I walked around the perimeter, which felt solid. However, no one was willing to venture toward the center and the fountain area, especially after Brian said that after a few pilots, who had been in the North Atlantic for 5 minutes, were rescued, they spent the next month in the hospital. The pond isn't deep, but neither did any of us want to get hypothermia!

After work, I walked around the community a little and checked out some of the snow and ice around the area. Then I caught a few snowflakes. Beautiful!

God is amazing!

The pond in all its beauty
Will is home from his vacation, so I had my trainer/training partner back. Hooray! We did 30 seconds iso, 20 rebound reps, 6 times:
  • Wall squat
  • Lunge
  • Standing ham (iso), glute ham (reps)
  • Push up (iso), front delt (1.5-lb weights, reps)
  • Curl (15-lb dumbbells, iso), curl (super-light bar, reps)
I also had to write down 5 goals for this year and bring that with me. Between some of the exercises, I had to read through them and then say something positive about them, like I'm fast and can achieve 3, or I can focus and do 2. It was a great exercise, and one I'm sure I haven't seen the last of.

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