Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today: 100 altitude drops. Do 1 rep, count to 3, do 2 reps, count to 3, all the way up to 10 and back down to 1.
  • Bench press: 25-lb bar. I think it was 25 lb. I'm never sure unless I used the bars that are labeled, but I tried the 30 and then this one and it felt lighter. I'm glad I didn't try for 30. By the time I got down to 6 I contemplated asking someone to spot me, but I continued and completed it all without resting and without a spot.
  • Curl: 25-lb bar, seated. No way could I have used a 25-lb bar. I used an 18-lb one and still had to take a few breaks. It probably didn't help that I was supposed to have switched this and the next one but I misread my note.
  • Plate front delt: 5-lb plate, seated. No weight notes. Had I had my 1.5-lb dumbbells, I would have preferred to use those, but I forgot them.
  • Glute ham
  • Zurcher squat: 25-lb bar. I used the same bar as I'd used for bench. Maybe 25?
Will informed me later that I was supposed to also have done the altitude drop legs that I'd neglected yesterday. This afternoon I'll have more time, so I'll get them in then.

Thomas from work bought a Christmas gift for his girls that he set up on the conference room table. It's PitchCar, a race track with little chips that you flick around the track. It took a little getting used to, but it sure seems like it could provide lots of fun for them!

Matt, Thomas, and Delana
It's been a while since we've seen a good sunset, but tonight's was beautiful. They make me want to reach out and touch them, to touch God.

The afternoon workout went well—better after I remembered that I had to do only 1-10, not 1-10-1!
  • Front delt: 3-lb dumbbells, one arm at a time. I did 1-10-1 because that's what I had on my mind. I wrote it down correctly.
  • Scap pull up: 1-10-1 again. Then when I finished I wondered what I'd been doing because it was more than I was supposed to be doing!
  • 1-leg squat: 1-10. That was enough!
  • Glute ham: 1-10.
  • Crunch: 1-10.
After I was done, some guy named Cody asked how many of those push ups I was doing. I don't like when people ask that, because that makes me think I'm not doing GHR right at all! I explained they weren't push ups, they were glute/hamstring exerciess, and that I was doing 1 rep, resting 3 count, 2 reps, etc. He said he was wondering becasue I could pause and he would think I was going to pass out but then I would keep going. Plus when I paused, it was at the top (they were altitude drops, after all), and he didn't know how you could be almost about to pass out but still be holding yourself up. I had a good chuckle after he walked away :-)

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