Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Outside Run (Warmer!)

AM workout (very similar to, if not the same as, Tuesday's workout):
  • 10-1-3 EDI (with 10-count, 15-count, and 10-count holds)
    • Glute ham
    • Push up
  • 5-min extreme slow
    • Zurcher squat (with no weight)
    • Front delt (1.5-lb dumbbells)
  • 10 sets of 3
    • Altitude drop legs
    • Rebound curls (10-lb dumbbell, one arm at a time)
Will has had Nancy doing the same O2 workouts that I was doing last month, and she is reacting nearly the same way I did (although she has a bit more control over her emotions than I do). It was good to see that I am not alone in my disdain for those workouts, and it was nice to be able to empathize with her!

Since I work slightly shorter days on Fridays, I was able to get home while it was still light and warm (mid 50s!) out, so I headed out to do the same loop that I'd done Wednesday (when it was about 40* by the time the sun had set and it took me 40 minutes, 4.5 miles, 8:53 pace, 8:02, 7:52, and 7:53 mile times). Today was better!
  • Totals: 40 minutes, 4.7 miles, 8:31 pace (6:24 best), 556 cal
  • Mile 1: 7:54 (6:27)
  • Mile 2: 7:40 (6:42)
  • Mile 3: 7:44 (6:49)
  • The rest: 40-second walk, then run the rest of the way in (except for across the 10-foot patch of ice across the sidewalk on Moores Lane)
  • Mile 4.5 was at 36:25, so today's run was 3:35 faster than Wednesday's! Hooray for being warmer!
The day wasn't over yet, though, as I headed to CSY for another workout. If I couldn't tell I was getting stronger and wasn't told (over and over, yet I'm still having trouble believing it) that I'm getting faster, I might get sick of all these workouts. A lot like Thursday's workout:
  • 1-leg dead lift: 10×6, 40-lb bar, going down just enough to touch a low bench
  • Glute ham: 50 reps, all quick off the bottom (all hard—my knees were feeling however many of these I've done this week)
  • 1-arm dead lift: 3×3 each arm, 45-lb bar, 4 deep breaths at the top of every rep (I could really feel this one on my opposite side's side/lower back)
  • Bent-over row: 6×3, 20-lb dumbbells
  • 1-arm curl: 6×3 each arm, 15-or-so-lb bar (it was one of the curly ones that doesn't have any weight markings on it)
I noticed that using a bar for the 1-arm curl made me focus on really keeping my arm and the bar still; if I didn't, it would move all over the place.
  • Plenty row: 10×3 each arm, 20-lb dumbbell

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