Thursday, September 30, 2010

5-Minute Push Up

5 minutes of work, along with 3-minute or 5-minute extreme slows, are my favorite workouts. They are some of the toughest, but afterward all I want to do is go out and run. Today's 5 minutes of work has been spread out through the day, and every one of them has gone great. I just wish I had a race this weekend so I could go out and go fast!

  • Scap pull up
  • Crate crunch
  • Push up
  • Curl (8-lb dumbbells; should've probably done 10 or 12 lb)
  • Lunge (1:24 R, 1:34 L—how did I go longer on the L, second, leg?)
  • Standing ham
  • Wall squat

The big news is that I did the entire push up without falling. I was working super hard the entire time, just focusing on using my muscles right and thinking about swimming (yes, visualizing, really), and didn't even look at my watch until I had only 55 seconds left. Then I knew I could do it. It was super hard and felt so good! A good swim yesterday, a good push up today, it must be all the softball throwing I've been doing lately. :-)

Here's my run from the afternoon. I should really quit looking at elevation profiles, because they never look like they feel, nor do they represent wind resistance.

After this quick run, I finished my 5 minutes of work by doing the wall squat that I didn't have time for earlier. I'll be honest—this was close to the hardest wall squat I've ever done; it seemed harder than the 5 minutes after the 10 minute z squat I did back in February. Then I had to repeat 5-min standing ham to give my quads a break and make my hammies work.

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