Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Short Lunch-Time Run

I had intended to swim again today (just like yesterday), but it was so nice that I couldn't stay inside. So I threw on my shoes and did a quick (relatively) 5K. Not my best time, not my worst. The 26:08 (8:26 pace) includes my initial walk across the parking lot to the start of the trail, so the first mile was significantly longer than it should have been, thus throwing off my pace. But I wasn't out to run super fast, I was out for a little jog before the half marathon (or 5K) on Saturday. And I was out to enjoy the sunshine, and enjoy I did! It means that I have more inside work to do this afternoon, but it was worth it.

My little bit of work this afternoon was little but fun. I swam for a few minutes, just to get myself in the pool. I'm trying to work on my stroke and any time in the pool, short or long, is beneficial. Then I headed inside for my 10-6-3 EDI workout. I didn't do it in the correct order and I modified it a bit, but I still worked hard.
  • GHR (did standing ham because the backs of my legs would not cooperate under the bench; how I wish I had a glute ham stand!)
  • Lunge w/ RL (did only the final 3 of each set, both legs, as RL; did all the rest as regular reps)
  • Curl w/ 30 lb (I don't think I did this; I don't think it was on the list because I can't remember doing it, but I don't know what else I would have done)
  • Bench w/ 30lb
  • Plate front delt w/ 10lb
  • Crate crunch
Spent some time at the grocery store(s). There were some things at Publix and a few good deals I had to do Kroger, and I tried to make someone's day by giving him a Q. I only wished I'd gotten to the woman ahead of me sooner, because I'm sure I could have helped her bring down her $199 total. I know that's probably what my mom spent when she was shopping while we were all at home, but now that I know how to spend less, I cringe when people spend so much.

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