Sunday, September 19, 2010

Softball Split

We split our softball games again today, winning the first 12–11 and losing the second 6–11. They were a couple great, fun games. I finally got a couple hits, had some great catches (and turned a double play), and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon. We would have liked two wins, but we just couldn't get anything going in the second game. Next week!

Before that, I went to church and then headed out for a ride. Shelly, Anna, Valerie, Lisa, Jeremy, Parri, and I all started out together, but as soon as the first sprint came and went, we split up. The first 3 stayed together and we 4 stuck together, but Lisa split off from us to do a slightly shorter, flatter route. My legs felt so great and it was a fantastic ride. Not too fast, not too slow, nice and warm, 1:30 total, 26-ish miles, 18mph average, pretty much wonderful.

This might have been the route? I was having trouble following the map today.

Sprint #1 was contested by Shelly, Lisa, and me. I threw my bike across the line and just beat out Shelly. Lisa turned at the green arrow. Sprint #2 was contested by Jeremy and me. He snuck in and I didn't know he was there until he passed me, so he won that one.

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