Friday, September 3, 2010

Longstreet Drive Part II

This will be a challenge. Longstreet Drive in Brentwood is 0.65 miles long and 300 feet (what seems like pretty much straight) up, and I have so far made it up 0.45 miles. Today I made it 3 bike lengths farther than last week, but I haven't yet gotten all the way up. I'd been hoping to ride with Valerie today and skip the hills, but that didn't happen so I tackled whatever I could find.

This was the fun I could find. After mapping it out, I see that there's even more fun around there. I can't wait until next week! Stats to come.

I also did part of another workout, while waiting: 10x10sec, 2 sets.
  • Lunge with RL (RL on first, quick-style on second)
  • GHR
  • Altitude drop curl
Later, I headed to Farkas', we went to Plato's Closet and Target, ate at Nashville Pizza Co., and played some set. It was an enjoyable night!

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