Thursday, August 26, 2010

Longstreet Drive

Hilly route from MFY

Longstreet Drive up

This climb is similar to what I did last time on Hillview. I went up and down twice, never quite making it to the top. It's 0.6 miles to the top, and I went 0.4+ miles.Todd said that the best way to get better on hills to to climb, so climb I will. Maybe once a week, I'll get out and ride hills. There are so many around me to choose from, so it will be fun!
  • 57:24, 13.3 miles, 13.9 avg (47.8 max) 982 cal
  • Lap 1 warmup: 9:23, 2.87 miles
  • Lap 2 Heathrow Hills: 20:58, 4.2 miles
  • Lap 3 recovery: 4:40, 1.09 miles
  • Lap 4 climbing Longstreet Dr: 3:57, 0.43 miles (I forgot to start the timer for the descent)
  • Lap 5 climbing Longstreet Dr: 3:58, 0.39 miles
  • Lap 6 descending Longstreet Dr: 0:41, 0.37 miles
  • Lap 7 cooldown: 13:43, 3.95 miles

Longstreet Drive up and down—short but steep (completed twice)

Then I headed back to the Y for something I do not enjoy: Yoga/Pilates. This was a "fusion" class, so I thought it might be tolerable. Plus I hadn't been in about a year and everyone says it's so great, so I thought I'd give it another shot. Still don't enjoy it. It's so boring and hardly beneficial. I should have done my 5 minutes of work, but I had to try.

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