Monday, August 2, 2010

Working Hard

Today's workout is going to make me sore, but I decided I don't care. The harder I work, the stronger and faster I'll be. So I worked hard and hope I feel OK tomorrow. We'll see! 100 altitude drops:
  • GHR (from arm's length)
  • Legs (jumping off a 24-inch box)
  • Lunge L, R
  • Bench w/45 lb
  • Bench w/20 lb (seemed so easy!)
I know I worked harder because when I had to stop to breathe (something I frequently forget to do on these exercises), I didn't stop on an even number--I kept going until I felt like I couldn't any more and frequently paused on uneven numbers (like 33). Normally I would stop at 30, but not today!
  • 45-second lunge R
  • Phasic leg curl L, 75 reps
  • Repeat the previous two 7 times, then switch legs.
  • GHR 10×10 quick-style
  • 45-second 1-arm elevated push up on knees, L arm on ground (lasted through 7 R, then 3 L before I couldn't hold myself up any more)
  • Phasic row L, 50 reps
  • Repeat the previous two 7 times, then switch arms.
  • Bench press, 7 sets of 3, 65-75 lb

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