Monday, August 23, 2010

Team Belladium: It's Official!

Today I met with Todd about racing for Team Belladium next year. Everything went well, and I am super excited for the opportunity to race with the lovely, strong women on the team next year. They will make me stronger, and I hopefully will do the same. I am looking forward to the opportunity to race on the road and focus on crits, but I am most looking forward to having a team to race with. Since Will left in February, I have missed having someone to train with; this will definitely give me strong women to ride with and a little bit of local accountability. Not to mention that Todd is a great coach, and I've seen how far he's taken some of the women on the team this year and his positive outlook for next year. I hope I can help influence the outcome of races and do really well!

After work, I headed out for a not-so-quick 5-mile run. The first 3 miles were run, the next 2 were do a few 1:30 intervals. At least 3 were uphill, but the 1 that was downhill ended up being 0.27 miles (best speed was 4:54!), so a great pace. I couldn't have sustained it for much longer (unless the hill had continued), but it didn't matter because the time was up. I then headed to Target for some $0.10 shampoo and met some guy (Jeremy) who lives in my apartment complex. He was nice enough, and asked me to go to dinner with him. I had to decline—little did he know I'd just run 5 miles and not showered! Visors and deodorant must do a fairly good job of masking sweat and stink :-)

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