Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today didn't go exactly as planned, but it ended up being OK. No AM workout meant that I could sleep in a little, no lunchtime walk with Valerie meant lunch at the Marriott with a couple coworkers, and a supposedly relatively easier workout ended up being pretty tough. It was 3.5 minutes extreme slow:
  • Bench press, 55 lb
  • Bench press, 45 lb
  • Seated preacher curl, 30 lb
  • Preacher curl, 20 lb
  • Lunge L, R
  • GHR
  • GHR
I took about 3.5 min rest between each one. Bench press with 55 was OK, bench with 45 was a struggle. I think I worked really hard on the first (well, and on the second too) that I could really no longer do a controlled lowering of the bar. It was either hold it up at the top or hold it at the bottom; there wasn't much of an in between. The same was pretty much true for them all. By the time I got home at 6:30 I wanted to go straight to sleep. I managed to stay up for a little, just enough to chat with Will about tomorrow and think about next week's plan.

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