Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fall Creek Falls Olympic

Running up one of the many hills

Pre-race sunrise; though the flash went off and you can see my Team B t-shirt, you can also see the sunrise in the background—it's actually a pretty cool pic!

Today's race was great. I don't have much time to write today, but hopefully I'll finish a race report soon. In the meantime, here are the highlights:
  • The best thing I heard before the race: "Race for Jesus!" It was from a man talking to someone else, but I decided it should be what I focused on.
  • I swam well and knew I was in the top 10 coming out of the swim when I got out and heard, "Top 10, Baby!" from a man to his SO. But I knew if she was, I was too (at least in my wave)! Plus I could see 6 women ahead of me and one beside during our 400-meter run up to transition, so I knew I was close. I passed a couple of them in transition and at least 2 on the bike.
  • I rode super well knowing how close I was to the front. Didn't see the first man (who would have started up to 9 minutes before me) until my mile 9 (his mile 15) on the bike and the first woman (Tammy, with Lynn close behind) until my mile 11 or 11.5 (their mile 12.5 or 13).

  • Out on the bike

  • I actually ran down a girl on the run, but also got run down by a couple.
  • My final time was 2:31:10, I was second in my AG, and 10th overall female. Woohoo!
In previous races, I had the following times:
  • Knoxville (5-9-10): 2:41:01, 8 of 16 (AG), 39 of 107 (females), 164 of 359 (OA)
    female winner: 2:03:48
  • Memphis (5-23-10): 2:35:49, 25 of 56 (AG), 92 of 388 (females), 395 of 1,119 (OA)
    female winner: 2:05:55
  • Quassy (6-05-10): 2:53:05, 6 of 25 (AG), 23 of 134 (females), 112 of 375 (OA)
    female winner: 2:27:58
  • Chattanooga (7-12-10): 2:41:26, 13 of 66 (AG), 57 of 406 (females), x of 1,234 (OA)
    female winner: 2:13:41; AG winner: 2:28:57
  • Nashville (7-25-10): 3:09:12, 11 of 28 (AG), x of xx (females), x of xx (OA)
    female winner: 2:14:22; AG winner: 2:34:33
Shows you some of the hills in the area; if I remember right, we rode this road as part of our out-and-back bike route.

OK, here are the official results:
  • 75/309 overall
    3/12 in AG (I ended up with the second-place award because the other girl was in the Athena category)
    11/98 females
  • Swim: 22:21 (96th OA; 19th female, 10th in my wave)
  • T1: 3:58 (71st OA; 19th female)
  • Bike: 1:12:13 (77th OA; 11th female)
  • T2: 1:04 (T-94th OA; T-28th female)
  • Run: 51:36 (75 OA; 18th female)
  • Total: 2:31:10 (75th OA; 1th female)
Finished! I try to stop my watch after I've finished so it's not in the picture, but evidently I was too early on this one.

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