Sunday, July 25, 2010

Music City Triathlon and Crit

Michael C and me at the finish—his wife was at the finish to catch both of us :-)
I almost don't want to recap this weekend because it was so brutal and I did not end up with the results I wanted, but I have pictures and want to share them!

Saturday was a 40-minute crit put on by I ended up in 7th place behind a breakaway of 3 and 3 others I couldn't out-sprint because my legs died. But I did win one sprint and a cash prime, so all was not lost.

Me, Laura, Valerie, Marsha, Shelly

Jessica, Marsha, Olga, me, Lisa C, Laura, Valerie, Lisa S, Cali
Sunday was an Olympic-distance tri put on by Team-Magic, the Music City Triathlon. The swim was brutal, keeping me in the water 10+ minutes longer than I should have been in there. It all went downhill from there, with me not being able to get my HR down and probably not regulating my body heat well. I drank at least 32 ounces (water) before the race, at least 64oz (water, gatorade) during the race (not including any river water I might have consumed), and up to 200 oz (water, gatorade, recovery drink) during the rest of the afternoon, but I still didn't feel totally quenched. And that was after having up to 132 oz (water, gatorade, recovery drink) after 1pm on Saturday. Yikes! Needless to say, it's been HOT here!

I loved being able to race with Team B on Saturday, and loved that a few of them were out there on Sunday to cheer us on. It definitely helped with my motivation, and I was glad that Lisa and Lisa were there at the finish and especially glad that neither had to accompany me to the med tent (tho I know Lisa S would have); thankfully after I spent a few minutes in the shade I felt well enough to watch them all crush the crit in just has hot or hotter weather. The asphalt and open parking lot are completely unforgiving.

Finished with the swim, finally!

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