Thursday, July 8, 2010


Well. I ended up not doing my brick and getting totally drenched on my bike. However, all was not lost—I tend to ride well in the rain and today was no different. Maybe not the fastest average, but considering the pouring rain, the fact that I kept getting stuff (I'm sure it was salt and rainwater mix) in my eyes, and my continually slowing down because I couldn't see out my glasses lenses, I'm pretty happy with how the ride went.
  • 1:21:04, 24.94 miles, 18.5 avg (35.6 max), 1484 cal, 148 HR
The run didn't happen. By the time I got off my bike, all I wanted was to be dry. Thankfully it wasn't cold and by that time it had stopped raining, but I didn't even have a towel to dry even my hands and didn't like the gritty rainwater all over me. So inside for a shower I went, and then I got to cleaning my nasty-looking bike.

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