Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Every Tuesday, I try to think of something I'm grateful for. This is an idea I got from Ironman Champion Linsey Corbin. Today I was grateful that I could roll with whatever happened even though it wasn't what was supposed to be. Yesterday was a rest day, and overnight Will emailed me the workouts I'd done the previous 2 weeks. He told me he emailed it, and I checked in the morning to see what it said. I didn't read all the way to the bottom to notice that he'd also added a new workout for this morning.

I kinda messed up by going back to what I'd done 2 weeks ago. Later I realized that he'd sent a new one, so at lunch I did the AM part of that, after work I did the PM workout, made some brownies, then headed to Mexicali Grill for supper (well, a second supper for me) with some of the cyclists from the Harpeth Bike Club. My 3 workouts today didn't permit a ride, but maybe I'll be able to get out there Thursday.
  • 6-6-6 EDI, 1 set, visualizing recovery between each exercise
    • Lunge w/RL (I wished Will could've seen these; I felt fast and strong and like I was jumping high and landing soft—all the stuff he does that I can never get right)
    • GHR to top
    • Bench press w/45lb
    • Plate front delt w/10lb
  • 10-6-3 EDI, 3 sets
    • Wall squat
    • GHR Standing ham
    • Bench press w/45lb
    • Plate front delt w/10lb
  • Repeat the following 6 times:
    • Lunge, 30 seconds each side, alternating legs, 3 times
    • Alt drop GHR then overspeed up, 3 times
  • Russian twist, 10 times 3 each side
The thing I'm the most grateful for, though, is life. Not just my life as a living, breathing person, but my life as a child of God. Because Jesus came and died for me (paying the price for every sin I've committed or have yet to commit) and then rose again and now lives, I don't have to fear death or being separated from God forever—I can look forward to living with Him and worshiping Him forever in eternity. It's a life I don't deserve and am thus all the more grateful for.

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