Friday, July 16, 2010


Lauren, Emma, and me as giraffes in the Zoofari store
Today's workout was a repeat of yesterday's PM workout, and that means running (fast) tomorrow.
  • Scap pull up, 3 min
  • Standing curl, 3×3, 35 lb
  • Preacher curl, 3 min, light bar
  • Standing ham, 3 min
  • Z squat, 3×3, 45 lb
  • Wall squat, 3 min
I did this in the AM, then headed to the Nashville Zoo at Grassmere with Lauren and her friend Emma for the entire afternoon. We had a blast admiring all the animals, all the things that God created. By far my favorite place is the Underworld, where you see all the night critters and ground creepers that you wouldn't normally see. Frogs, snakes, spiders, all those gross things but all the necessary environmental animals.

Beautiful flowers outside the aviary

Giraffes. They would only come so close.

They were enthralled by the geese. Yes, geese.

Lauren's fave, the red panda

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