Saturday, July 3, 2010

Maryland Farms Firecracker 5K

Today I rode 1:20 before racing the Maryland Farms Firecracker 5K, one of my favorite races. I enjoy it so much because the course is pretty much my home course--I run in Maryland Farms more than any other place but from my apt, probably. I was aiming for 21:xx and didn't make it, but I did my best.
  • 23:42, 7:39 pace
  • 40th female of 498, 186th overall of 990
  • 6th in age of 60! This is a huge age group, tho females 35–39 was even larger with 81 women.
The rest of the day was pretty much relax, but I'm going to try to hit my goal again tomorrow in the I Run for the Party 5K in downtown Nashville.

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