Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mile Repeats

I was supposed to do 3 or 4 mile repeats this morning, at sub-7. The 4th was to be optional if I was keeping the right pace for the first 3. I went to the trails behind BFY, warmed up for about 10 minutes, then started the first one. 6:46. Woohoo! The rest didn't go so well. I started out around the same pace, but I could feel myself slowing down significantly, and when that happened I stopped, turned around, and tried again. After the second one, I decided to not necessarily stop after slowing down but rather look at my pace; if I was still under 7, I could keep going until I couldn't stay under 7 any more. That worked a lot better for me because I realized I could keep going a little farther each time. So the second, third, and fourth attempts were 0.3 miles, 0.4 miles, and 0.5 miles respectively. Interestingly, I was able to go longer each successive time.

I wish I could have gone for another full mile at that pace, but I think I would have had to do another 5 intervals to have attained that. So we'll have to try again next time. But I'm in no way complaining about the first mile or my overall pace for each interval. Some day I'll get to where I can run 4 miles at a sub-7 pace. With all the walking to rest and return back to a good starting point, I managed a total of 5 miles. Short but pretty intense.

The only problem was that my legs, specifically my quads, felt super heavy and just like they were getting in the way. That was not a fun feeling. It was OK when I could forget about it but not fun when I thought about how heavy they felt.

My average HR for the whole thing was 136, with my max being 193.

Now it's off to the pool for a nap!

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