Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mile Time

TK and me—she is beautiful and I'm so glad I was able to support her by attending the wedding.

My mile time is coming down! Last time I went and ran miles, my fastest mile was 6:46. Previously, I'd run 6:40 in a race, and my goal at the beginning of the year was a 6-min mile. Today I ran a 5k in Kannapolis, NC, with the goal of running fast. And run fast I did! My first mile was 6:20. A new PB! The remaining 2.1 miles weren't nearly as fast, but I did end up 3rd in my AG and with about my same time as I've been running lately (that just means that I slowed a ton).

Now it's off to Tricia's wedding.

What I sat in, crawling, for an hour. But look at the amazing view!

Tricia and Michael "Hutch" Hutchinson's cake

At the wedding, I met one of her ushers, who called himself Farmer (I think that was his last name, but I don't remember his first name). (Her other usher was her brother Jon.) Farmer asked what I do, and I explained that I edit practice exams for Microsoft and Cisco certifications. I was hard to read his face, as in, was he understanding or not understanding what I was talking about. It was less of a blank stare than an "I can't believe this girl does that" kind of look. Then he asked who I worked for. I realized he probably knew a little about IT certs, and I said I work for Boson. He'd heard of it. In fact, he's used some of our stuff! When I mentioned that NetSim 8 is due out shortly, and I (though biased) think we have the best stuff on the market, he seemed excited and agreed. I think this was the first time I've actually met someone who's used our stuff, and it was as exciting for me as it was for him!

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