Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tempo Run Part II

Because of my walk with Valerie at lunch, I skipped today's swim. Hopefully it won't affect my race this weekend.

My tempo runs have been less than stellar lately. I can do the warmup OK, and the cooldown is usually a little better, but when I get into the meat of the run I struggle. I try to run at a faster pace than the warmup and either can't run as fast as I'd like to or can't run as long as I need to at the pace I'm at. So today I warmed up, ran some sprints, and cooled down.
  • 50 min, 5 mi, 10:00 pace (yes, I really went that slow) (5:05 best), 561 cal, 159 HR (193 max)
  • 21:11, 2.14 mi, 164 HR
  • 58 sec, 0.17 mi, 5:49 pace (5:16 best), 165 HR
  • 1:06, 0.19 mi, 5:50 pace (5:05 best), 156 HR
  • 1:02, 0.18 mi, 5:49 pace (5:12 best), 151 HR
  • 34 sec, 0.10 mi, 5:34 pace (5:12 best), 167 HR
  • 10:20, 1.14mi, 9:15 pace (5:37 best), 158 HR
(I didn't include all the walking time between the 4+ intervals (I did more, but they weren't all up to 1 minute so I didn't include those either). I really felt like if I kept going any longer, I'd trip over my feet!

If Will is game, I'll be doing a little experiment for the next two weeks. Hopefully I'll be able to run as fast as some of these sprints for longer than 0.20 miles after it!

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