Thursday, July 15, 2010

Continuing On

This morning I didn't get the workout in time to complete it, so I'll do some combination of AM/PM this afternoon. We'll see how it goes.

AM Workout:
  • Push up, 3 min, visualize every muscle fiver in lats and pecs being stimulated
  • Bench press, 3×3, 75 lb
  • Preacher curl, 3 min
  • GHR, 3 min
  • 1-arm dead lift, 3×3, 65 lb
  • Lunge, 3 min
PM Workout:
  • Scap pull up, 3 min
  • Standing curl, 3×3, 35 lb
  • Preacher curl, 3 min, light bar
  • Standing ham, 3 min
  • Z squat, 3×3, 45 lb
  • Wall squat, 3 min
Well, I did these all, but in a very seemingly random order. I didn't get it until too late, so I had to do whatever I could at work, then met Valerie for lunch, then finished the workout later. It was a good fun workout. Hard.

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