Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Run for the Party 5K

Bek and Lauren with their patriotically decorated cake
Today's July 4th edition of the I Run for the Party race started out rough for the organizers because half their volunteers didn't show up. But they somehow got it together and we started only 15 minutes late. This was 15 minutes too late (yesterday's race started right on time, and I loved that!), but it was well-enough supported and I was happy with my results (even though again, I wasn't even close to my goal time of 21:xx; in fact, I was farther away today than yesterday):
  • 24:39, 7:50 pace
  • 5th female of 215, 38th overall of 364
  • 2nd in age of 57
Then I headed out to do the course again. There was a 10K race that started just behind us, and I felt great so I continued (after about a 10-minute break and a little Gatorade Recover (which I hate, but it didn't bother my stomach at all even though I drank it at the wrong time).

The rest of the day will mean heading to Farkas' to celebrate our country's independence. Thank you, God, for sending Jesus so that I can be completely free from my sins because He died on the cross for them!

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