Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beautiful Riding Weather

Today's workouts were a run at lunch (about 5 miles, 1-minute sprints) and a ride after work (1 hour). Again, another rough day at my second office. I'm hoping it gets better by tomorrow. On the plus side, I ran to Publix and found some good sales, spending $18.17 for $40.69 worth of groceries. And it wasn't just groceries, it was actually food: veggies, eggs, meat, pasta, ice cream sandwiches, and salad dressing. The two things not on sale, the veggies and eggs, cost $9.74, and minus those my sale items look even better! (It would have been $6.55 + $1.88 tax = $8.43 for $30.95 worth of groceries; my total savings, with coupons and sales, was $22.52). I like the couponing game a lot—it's all numbers game!

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