Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alternate Workout

Valerie wasn't able to walk today, so instead of my usual hour outside, I ate lunch inside and played The Great Dalmuti with the Boson Gaming Crew. I came in at the bottom and left at the bottom. I had horrible hands all game, rarely getting cards lower than 6 (and then only if I had to trade, which meant I had to get rid of them anyway). Definitely not my best game!

Not my hand, by it might as well have been

The afternoon was all messed up, too, because it was threatening rain, raining, sunny, raining, lightning, and sunny again. I was going to ride but decided against it. Since I've been feeling way better the last couple days, instead of taking the day off, I called Will and asked for an alternate workout. He started to give me some sprints to do on the trainer, but I was heading to the Y, so he gave me the following super short but intense workout:
  • 40 reps body-weight squats with 3-lb dumbbell arm swings, 30 seconds rest, repeat 5 times
  • GHR 30 second on, 30 seconds off, repeat 10 times
It took me about 20 minutes to do everything, but I knew it was going to be short and worked hard. Then because it was nice outside I took a couple-mile walk around the Y and nearby park.

Later at Inversion, we read about how Jesus says we're supposed to be the salt (flavor and preservation) and the light (illumination) of the world. God has been doing a real work in my heart lately to shape me to be more like Him, and tonight was no different.

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