Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today's workout is always a fun one. It's one I haven't done since June 28, but my weight levels were pretty comparable.
  • Lunge: 45lb bar + 15lb on each side = 75lb
  • GHR: at 60* with 25lb
  • GHR: at bottom with no weight
  • Standing ham: 30lb dumbbell
  • Push up on feet: with 25lb
  • Preacher curl: with 20lb dumbbells
  • Scap pull up: with no weight
I always try to look approachable even if I don't want to talk. Today I must have been especially approachable-looking, because I met La'wanna (who had a wrestling background and asked if I lift competitively) and Cameron (who asked if I cycled a lot). I enjoy meeting new people and hearing about why they're in the gym.

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