Monday, September 6, 2010

Franklin Classic 10K

If I'm not going to win, I'm at least going to wear something fun!

Here is a pic from this morning's 10K. Suffice it to say this was not my best nor my worst, I had fun, I didn't place, and it was absolutely amazing weather this morning.

It was 2 minutes slower than last year's race, but I ran each mile pretty consistently (according to the timers, I hit the first mile 15 seconds under 8 minutes, the second, third, and fourth miles in 8-minute increments, the fifth 15 seconds under an 8-minute pace, and the finish at 15 seconds under a 8-minute pace. My mile splits don't show quite that much consistency, but I felt consistent while running and I didn't look at my watch at all. My total time was 48:32, good enough for 4 of 42 in age, 21 of 381 females, and 157 of 900 overall. Although my time was slower than last year, my AG place was higher (last year: 5 of 60), my place in females was the same (last year: 21 of 363), and my overall place was worse (last year: 117 of 896).

The 5K was first, and there were 937 participants there. Then the 10K followed (900), and after that was a 4K walk (a couple hundred) and a 1K (or maybe 1-mile?) kids run. It was a busy morning on the square!

The finish line for all 4 events

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