Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunrise Ride

Shelly and I hit the road super early this morning—before sunrise! We rode to meet at the Factory in Franklin and then headed out to the open road. There weren't many other people out, and it was a great little ride. It was so nice to have a bike ride in before 7am.

At work, we had a nice little potluck breakfast. Kelson cooked omelets, Lisa and Kelly made eggs and sausage, Delana made waffles, someone made coffee, and we had lots of other breakfast treats that everyone could enjoy. Yum! This made me even more happy that I had already gotten a ride in, especially since I ate a huge breakfast.

For lunch, I headed to DHY for a short swim--1,000 only. Yesterday I swam at MFY, which is a 50-meter outdoor pool. DHY has a 25-meter outdoor pool, but it's closed for the season so I was in the 25-yard indoor pool. It's amazing how much faster I feel in such a short pool. I really do feel like I'm getting faster now that I'm trying to stroke and breathe right, so that's very encouraging.

At MFY in the afternoon, I did my 10-6-3 EDI, 2 sets, workout:
  • Lunge with RL (first set: first 6; second set: last 6)
  • GHR to top (did standing ham instead)
  • Squat with stick
  • Bench w/ 30lb
  • Curl w/ 12lb (Will said light bar, just like he said light bar for bench; light for bench and light for curl are quite different! Also had Anna M to help me with this!)
  • Plate front delt w/ 10lb
  • Crunch (1 set)
As you can see, I ran into my teammate Anna, who did a couple  of the exercises with me. It was great to have someone to train with. Hopefully we'll be able to do more of this during the winter and also get out on our bike to practice cornering and crits. It will be great experience for both of us—we definitely need the "doing" rather than only the "thinking" (i.e. mental visualization!), so we should work well together.

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