Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 to 2012

Kat's route included a few barriers :-)

Friday's ride

Friday I did not have to work, slept in, and rode 40 miles with Val, Parri, Anna, Emily, Amber, and Catherine. The day was absolutely gorgeous, and it was so nice to be outside riding at the end of December! For dinner, we ate at Porta Via in Cool Springs for Anna's birthday. It was a big group and I took a less than stellar photo. We had some pizza as an appetizer and I got a chicken caesar salad, with cinnamon gelato for dessert. I was less than impressed with pretty much everything and don't really need to go back there. The best part were Parri's birthday cupcakes, which went perfectly with the cinnamon ice cream.

Neil, Lynn, Kevin, and Anna are barely distinguishable
Not pictured: Val, Jeremy, Jonell, Todd, Kat, Jay, Parri, Shelly, and Dave

Saturday's ride (I skipped miles 39 - 58 and made my own route back)

Saturday I slept in a little, but we met earlier to get in a longer ride. Kat, Shelly, Val, Anna, Parri, and I started out with 6 guys and then broke off to do a bit of climbing. It was another amazingly beautiful day, and the 50 miles went by pretty quickly. After that, it was off to Anna S's house for lunch and a walk, to church, and then to the theater to watch Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (sound warning!). This I was quite impressed with. I enjoyed the movie—it was very entertaining, it was well done, an the acting was pretty good. It was, of course, a bit sensational (that is, what would have killed normal people didn't kill the characters in this movie), but that was expected.

Someone else played coupon fairy and made me happy!

I went to Target to spend some of the gift card I'd gotten for Christmas, and someone had left coupons for the stuff I wanted—hooray!

Sunday was much less taxing. I ran only a couple easy miles and then spend most of the day with the family since my cousin is heading off to college tomorrow. I did have a list of things that I mostly accomplished in the little time I spent on them, so it ended up being a pretty good end of one year and start of another!

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