Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sad Day in Titletown

My morning food project: browning meat

Meal #1: omelet; I'll use the rest of the meat in
other meals, but it's now all ready for me.

Today’s ride was super fun. We left from the Brentwood Y and had a big group of 10: Val, Todd, Shelly, Parri, Lee, Kat, Catherine, Anna, me, and Amber (we are thinking about recruiting a few new riders, so we invited her to join us). The route was a little new and definitely challenging. We rode on three roads I’d never been on before. Todd had a plan for us, so we got to play a little. Plus there were at least 5 different sprint signs, so we worked even harder! Surprisingly, the weather ended up being pretty nice for mid-January. Not warm by any means, but the sun did tame the cold quite a bit (at least until we came back on the trail to the Y—it’s all shaded there and not warm at all—and there wasn't an unbearable amount of wind.

Here’s the route:

The couple miles from and to the BFY is cut out

Here are my stats (without accurate HR because it was definitely not right!):

  • 39.58 miles, 2:18:49, 17.1 avg (36.7 max), 2372’ ascent, 2451’ descent
  • Lap 1, the bulk of the route: 37.55 miles, 2:08:26, 17.5 avg (36.7 max), 2263’ ascent, 2271’ descent
  • Lap 2, the stretch of the trail we rode: 2.03 miles, 10:22, 11.7 avg (16.9 max), 109’ ascent, 180’ descent

I think part of the reason the ride was so good for me was because my legs felt great. And it’s not like I did nothing yesterday, because I spent more time on the step mill than I’ve ever spent before. I enjoyed playing today!

Speaking of playing, there were a couple football games on today, one of which I was interested. Unfortunately, it was a sad day in Titletown today, but at least I had good company (Farkases and Marables) to be sad with. As we were watching the game, a Subway commercial came on that had a few athletes in it. I can't remember who all was in this particular commercial (they had a few that played during the game), but there was a tall guy in a warm-up suit, and they didn't have any information about him in text on the TV. I looked at Aunt Renee and said, "Are we supposed to know who that basketball-looking guy is?" Everyone looked at me incredulously, and ARenee said, "You must not spend a lot of time around a pool!" Evidently it was Michael Phelps, and I had no clue. I'd have never come up with him if she hadn't given me the clue about a pool. If they had shown a runner, I'd have known him or her for sure. To make me feel better, Angela told me about her sister's comment while watching a football game recently. She'd said to her husband, "This quarterback has the same tic as the guy in the last game, where he lifts his one foot up like that!" Ignorance is such bliss :-)

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