Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Would Seek God

Job 5:8–9 "But as for me, I would seek God, and to God I would commit my cause—who does great
things, and unsearchable, marvelous things without number."

I didn’t take much time to write this weekend, so here’s the now-normal weekend recap.

Friday: It ended up being nice enough for me to get out on my bike after work. It wasn’t warm, but it wasn’t freezing either, so I layered up and rode a good 25 miles. After getting some stuff done at home and running a few errands, I ran 3 miles to the Y, did 7 minutes of work (push up, curl w/8lb, and crunch), and ran 2 miles home. I planned it that way, with a shorter leg home. It’s a pretty good way to get a nice workout in.

Saturday: It was supposed to be rainy (only kinda damp) and cold (definitely cold), so I rode indoors at Todd’s at Endeavor Performance with Shelly, Catherine, and five others. Todd set a course for us, and we pedaled away. Two and a half hours is a long time to spend on a trainer, so 1.5 hours in, we took a 10-minute break. I was off the bike for only 4 minutes, just long enough to make a quick clothes change (hello, sweaty!) and fill up my water bottles. If I’d have stayed off any longer, I’d have frozen, even in the clean shirt. I need to remember an additional pair of shorts for next time; that would have been twice as good. After a 26-minute warm up, I did the next 40 minutes at a tempo pace (174 bpm); it was supposed to have been endurance pace, but I was staying with Rolf and Brien and didn’t want to lose their draft, so I just kept going. Shelly at minute 40 was going to do 20 minutes of tempo, so she asked me then if I was going to join her. I said probably not, and I definitely didn’t. My HR stayed the same for those next 20 minutes (174 bpm), but I was definitely closer to my endurance pace than my tempo pace. I rode another 30 minutes at endurance pace (162 bpm), took our 10-minute break (141 bpm), and rode another 36 minutes (162 bpm). I got a good 2:43:00 ride and made it 40 miles into the 55-mile course.

Lauren frosting the cupcakes
After the good hard ride, I picked up Lauren and we headed to lunch at Blue Coast. Yum. We discussed her birthday party, which I have to get to planning. That will be on the schedule for this week! Then we came back to my apt and made 30 cupcakes for my older sister, who turned 30 today. We had fun coloring while the cupcakes were baking (yes, she’s almost a teenager and I’m not much younger than my sister, and we were indeed coloring with crayons) and then decorating them. Church, no evening workout, and a movie were later that night.

Sunday: This morning I made pancakes, which will last me the entire week. As with supper food, breakfast food is best when it can be made once and eaten multiple times. Then Anna, Shelly, Parri, Valerie, Todd, and I rode a quick 27 miles out north of Nashville. I’d never been out there, and there are some beautiful roads out there. One nice long, mostly flat, not heavily traveled road allowed us to work on a few things together, and the headwind back home made for a hard little workout. 1:33:06, 27.15 miles, 17.5 mph (34.8 max), 143 bpm (184 max).

Now it’s now and time to clean my bike, do some laundry, vacuum, and read the newspaper. And maybe eat some cupcakes. Aloha!