Saturday, January 7, 2012


No, these are not super hairy legs
It was very wet and dirty on the roads!
This is where our route went
These are the two categorized climbs: One on
Natchez Trace and one on  New Hwy 96

It was quite wet this morning, and instead of joining a group of people we didn't know, Shelly, Parri, Anna, and I hit the road early enough for me to be done and showered by 11am. Woohoo! It wasn't the fastest ride, but there were definitely some times where we keeping a good, steady tempo pace. Mostly when Parri was pushing the pace. I definitely need to ride with her as often as possible—she will push me hard every time.

After church, I headed to the Y to do my 3×30sec heavy workout. I'd hoped to run too, but I didn't have a towel with me so I didn't. Maybe tomorrow.

Total ride time: 2:11:13, 36.28 miles, 16.6 mph (34.0 max), 152 HR (186 max).

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