Saturday, January 14, 2012

Almond Project

Caleb, 1 month, the little boxer :-)

This is how I shell almonds when I don't have a nutcracker

It's gonna be a long morning

Fuel for my project

Project #2: scrapbooking
Friday I worked in the morning, rode on my trainer after lunch, run lots of errands, and got in a good 5 on, 5 off thru 60 workout: wall sit, standing ham, lunge to 30, push up, curl x8lb, crunch. I got in a few episodes of NCIS as well, since that's the new show my sister is into and thus willing to share DVDs of.

Saturday I started shelling the almonds I got for cheap from Kroger a few weeks ago. Turns out they are a lot more work than they are worth. So I made myself some pancakes instead. Then I watched the 2012 Olympic marathon trials. Well, can you call it watching when you're just keeping up with the tweets on Twitter? They tape-delayed it on NBC, but I didn't want to wait and don't have a TV anyway, so I did what I could. I also figured that during the trials would be a perfect time to run. Wrong! I was more into the trials than my own workout and managed 2 miles running and 1 miles waling on the tready. Then I moved to the step mill and did 50 minutes and 255 stories, the top of the tallest available building. It was awesome!

Then I headed to Farkases' to work on some scrapbook pages with Aunt Renee and Lauren. I managed to finish 5 pages before it was time for church and workout #2: 10×10sec, 2 sets: push up, curl (20lb), pull up, front delt (10lb), crunch. No legs. I needed a break. Now time for some football!

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