Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CompuTrainer Class: Aerobic Capacity V

I am so proud of Valerie. Just wanted to start with that. She rode strong today and it was fun to see.

Class today looked like this. It was hard in a good way. The tempo efforts would have been challenging by themselves, but split up by the spin-ups and including 1-leg drills in the middle made them that much more of a challenge (oh, and the nice run yesterday). I loved it.


  • Total ride time: 1:40:50, 164 HR (184 max)
  • Warm up: 12:30, 131 HR
  • Real warm up: 17:00, 166 HR; 2min rest, 171 HR
  • 1-leg drills: 4:00, 173 HR; 3min rest, 174 HR
  • Tempo effort: 19:00, 173 HR (included 2 sets of 1-leg drills); 4min rest, 162 HR
  • Spin-up to 105–110: 3:00, 172 HR; 1min rest, 171 HR
  • Spin-up to 110–115: 3:00, 173 HR; 1min rest, 173 HR
  • Spin-up to 115–130: 3:00, 176 HR; 3min rest, 169 HR
  • Tempo effort: 20:00, 171 HR
  • Cool down + Sprint: 5:20, 160 HR

I did not want to complete my training for the day with 5 minutes of work, but I did as much of the workout as I could remember (I left my list at home but at least knew what it was): Lunge L (1:35, better than the 1:18 last week) R (1:20, only slightly better than the 1:18 last week), standing ham, curl, bench, crunch. I could not bring myself to do wall sit and push up.

PS. I knew it had been a hard workout when 10 stairs into my 4-flight (100-stair) trek to my office, my legs were already tired.

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