Sunday, January 8, 2012

Broken Chain

Posters and Christmas decorations
Michelle gave me some sweet Trek posters for Christmas, so I got to work putting a few of them up on my walls. They make for some entertaining decoration!

Then I went to the Concord Y to meet Parri, Anna, and Val for a short ride before our team ride. We were planning on riding about an hour, but 20 minutes in, Anna's chain broke. Val and Parri headed back to get a car, and Anna and I started walking back toward the Y. We had a little adventure over some railroad tracks and through people's yards, and surprisingly no one stopped to see whether we needed anything. No, it's not normal for people to be walking their bikes. We made it a mile before Parri picked us up, and we went back to the Y to wait for the rest of the crew. Total ride time: 22:46, 5.47 miles, 14.4 mph (25.7 max), 119 HR (175 max). Total walk time: 18:02, 1.12 miles, 16:06 pace (13:51 best), 119 HR (146 max).

Ride out, walk back
David and Lee, Catherine, Shelly, and Cali met us there, David put a new chain on Anna's bike, and we hit the road again. It felt colder even though it was supposed to have been warmer, but that could be because we'd ridden, stopped, walked, stopped, and started riding again.

We were hoping to ride 2 hours, but we made it back to the trail in 1:42. We'll have to add more miles somewhere or ride slower, and I'm pretty sure the "ride slower" things isn't going to happen. I was cold pretty much the entire ride and went into the Y for some quality hot tub time after the ride. If it had been warmer out I'd have ridden, and if no one had been in the pool I'd have swam, but the hot tub sure felt nice! Total ride time: 1:51:40, 32.54 miles, 17.5 mph (35.5 max), 149 HR (190 max).

Team Ride

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