Monday, January 16, 2012

40-Minute Bathroom Break

Today I spent 40 minutes in the bathroom during my lunch break. Training. We don't have good workout facilities here at the office, and in fact we don't even have showers (though I have ridden in to work a time or two and done the whole wash-my-hair-in-the-sink thing. Today I had a workout to do and didn't want to be in the open or in the service-elevator room (it's hot in there!), so I chilled in the bathroom. No one came in during the entire 40 minutes, which actually surprised me since I was there over the top of the hour at lunchtime. At least I had good reason to spend so much time there, until some inexplicable transition times, like these from Ironman Wisconsin (from 2007, a year I competed):

  • T1: 39:38; this guy still finished under 15 hours!
  • T1: 24:36; he finished under 15 too
  • T2: 44:55; he went over 15h
  • T2: 44:00; he DNF-ed
  • T2: 43:00; he went under 14h!
  • Here are my Transition times, and I went under 13h:
    • T1: 7:39
    • T2: 5:05

I don't know how one can spend so much time in transition unless you forget that the clock is still running and decide to take a nap. I certainly didn't take a nap today during my workout. 10-10-10 EDI: wall push up, curl, front delt with rebound reps, wall squat, standing ham, and lunge R/L.

After a quick visit to the chiro, I headed to the CSY for a little run. The first 3 miles were at 6.8-7.1mph, then I took a quick recovery, then I ran 3 half-miles around 20-30seconds per mile faster than the first 3 miles with recovery break between each. I ended up with just over 5 miles in 50 minutes, including a cooldown. Running at 7.3 felt perfect--just challenging enough to be a challenge but just comfortable enough to make me feel like I could hold it for a while. Almost like that could be my perfect pace right now (not that I ever want to stay there!). Average HR was 164, max HR was 187. Each of the first 3 miles was faster than the previous, and each of the 3 half-miles was faster than the previous. I'm pretty happy with this run!

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