Monday, January 9, 2012

Hard Run

Catherine and I ended up not meeting to run tonight, but I still wanted to get in a good run. So despite being a little tired from the 10×30sec at lunch, I hit the tready for 60 minutes of running. My goal was to get in 7 miles during that time, and I hit that goal. I started out at 6.8 mph and set my timer for 8 minutes (to get me into the 8-minute mode, since that's my current mile goal for long runs inside). Every 8 minute for 24 minutes, I increased the pace until I got to 7.1 mph, an approximately 8:27 pace (which is just slower than a 3:40 marathon, my Boston qualifying time if I were aiming for that). Then, every 8 minutes, I decided whether the increase the pace, increase or decrease the incline, or keep everything the same. I kept everything the same and it was not easy, but it sure was rewarding when I finished!

Next time, I'll have to start at 6.9 and still increase 3 times or start at 6.8 and increase 4 times. The whole 8-minute thing worked really well for me--it broke down the run into manageable chunks, and it kept me focused on the task at hand. I do feel a little bad for the people who were running next to me, though, since I encouraged myself the entire time by talking out loud to myself. I didn't have anyone else there to motivate me, so I did it myself. Sorry, folks, but there will likely be more of the same in runs to come.

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