Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CompuTrainer Class: Aerobic Capacity VII

I pretty much failed miserably in today's class. It must have been yesterday's "speedwork." The workout this morning was exactly the same as the two I did last week, and I made it 5 minutes in, before Todd even turned the computer on, before I wanted to get off my bike and call it a day. Not a good start. Somehow I convinced myself to continue pedaling until I just turn one more time.

I rode to about midway through the first tempo effort and asked Todd for relief. My cadence was continually dropping, and I was really struggling to maintain everything. He dropped my watts by 30 (one-seventh of my total), and I continued, feeling like I was still working at the same effort level as I had been. You can't even tell where my watts were lowered because my HR from this today is almost identical to what it was last week. Then I got off early, less than halfway through the second tempo effort. I got to work earlier than I normally would on Tuesdays, and I wasn't killing myself for another 15 minutes on the bike. Ugh.


  • Total ride time: 1:40:50, 164 HR (184 max)
    Total ride time: 1:40 or so. No HR data because my Garmin's batteries were deal. I have to get this figured out!
    Total ride time: 1:30:00, 159 HR (181 max)
  • Warm up: 12:30, 131 HR
    Warm up: Maybe 10min
    Warm up: 17:25, 127 HR
  • Real warm up: 17:00, 166 HR; 2min rest, 171 HR
    Real warm up: 17:00; 2min rest
    Real warm up: 17:00, 163 HR, 2min rest, 169 HR
  • 1-leg drills: 4:00, 173 HR; 3min rest, 174 HR
    1-leg drills: 4:00; 3min rest
    1-leg drills: 4:00, 171 HR; 3min rest, 165 HR
  • Tempo effort: 19:00, 173 HR (included 2 sets of 1-leg drills); 4min rest, 162 HR
    Tempo effort: 19:00 (included 2 sets of 1-leg drills); 4min rest
    Tempo effort: 19:00, 173 HR (included 2 sets of 1-leg drills); 4min rest, 163 HR
  • Spin-up to 105–110: 3:00, 172 HR; 1min rest, 171 HR
    Spin-up to 105–110: 3:00; 1min rest
    Spin-up to 105–110: 3:00, 168 HR; 1min rest, 163 HR
  • Spin-up to 110–115: 3:00, 173 HR; 1min rest, 173 HR
    Spin-up to 110–115: 3:00; 1min rest
    Spin-up to 110: 3:00, 170 HR; 1min rest, 171 HR
  • Spin-up to 115–130: 3:00, 176 HR; 3min rest, 169 HR
    Spin-up to 115–130: 3:00; 3min rest
    Spin-up to 105–110: 3:00, 169 HR; 3min rest, 162 HR
  • Tempo effort: 20:00, 171 HR
    Tempo effort: 20:00
    Tempo effort + Cool down: 9:35, 164 HR
  • Cool down + Sprint to 646 W: 5:20, 160 HR
    Cool down + Sprint to 673 W: 5min or so

I'm pretty sure the main cause of today's disastrous ride was the additional speed during yesterday's run. It's not like I added a lot of speed, but I did add some, and evidently that did not do well for my legs—I couldn't ride at my threshold, and I couldn't maintain the prescribed cadence, even for the bulk of the ride, not to mention the spin-ups. Tomorrow is a rest day, and I need it.

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