Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rock Climbing

AM Workout: Solo. Will's out of town for the week and left me workouts to do on my own. I need to be able to do them alone when he really leaves and still work hard, so that's what I was thinking about today.
  • Rebound lunge R, L: with 30-lb bar between legs, as many as you can, 6 times all on the same leg, 1 minute rest, then switch legs. Counting to 1 every time makes me work harder!
  • Speed RL: 10 half reps with 15-sec iso on last, 6 times
  • Glute ham: with 5-lb plate on chest, from 60*, as long as you can, 6 times
  • Push up: on feet, as long as you can, 6 times (0:44, 0:43, 0:31, 0:37, 0:34, 0:32 for 3:40 total, compared to 4:10 at 5 reps 12-07-09)
  • Rebound bench press: with 30-lb bar, 10 reps, 15-sec iso on chest on last rep, 6 times
The afternoon workout was supposed to have been a repeat of glute ham and push up. Unfortunately I was slightly restricted by time and lack of equipment. The Donelson Y was replacing all their equipment and the entire wellness floor and other room were closed. So I did this instead:
  • Glute ham: 5 minutes. I resolved to not look at my watch at all and just focus on lengthening my hamstrings. Success.
  • Push up: 5 minutes extreme slow.
One little mental success; maybe I can build on that. Then it was time for the real fun: Rock climbing with Team Belladium! Cali, Jonell, Kathy, Parri, Valerie, and I tried and conquered a number of different routes, Lisa came a little later and was the photographer.

Trying to learn from a better climber; Parri and I were determined to conquer that route

On my way up

Valerie and Jonell at the top

Belaying Parri

Then we went to The Local Taco for a little refueling.

Dinner after: Jonell, Valerie, Parri, Lisa, me, and Cali; Kathy was behind the camera, and Todd came later

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