Monday, December 7, 2009

Skater Lunges

AM workout:
  • Low squat calf jumps: as many as you can, 5 times
  • Calf jumps: 10 with 1.5 lb with 15-sec iso at top after 10th one, 5 times
  • Skater lunges: 5 each side (10) with 15-sec iso after last one, 4 times. Stand on L leg with R leg off the ground, jump high and over a little to land on R leg; R knee should come up high and you should jump higher than wider. Skater lunges, I asked? Was he trying to make me into a hockey player? No, just to make me have really powerful legs.
  • Push up: on feet, iso, for as long as possible, 5 times. I started the clock but never looked at it. Times were 1:19, 0:57, 0:45, 0:35, 0:34. Even with 10 breaths rest, I didn't even make 5 minutes (4:10). Bummer.
  • Delt raise: 10 rebounds, each arm, 15-sec iso push up, repeat both 5 times
PM: Bible study

We are studying women in the Bible and how they influenced their culture. Today we looked at Rebekah in Genesis, a woman I want to be nothing like. She used her influence to deceive her husband, manipulate her circumstances, and fulfill God's promise. As a result, she never again saw the son she loved and caused a nearly irreparable rift within her family. Not to mention that her grown sons (aged 77) hated each other, that she and her husband had favorites between the sons, and the family was severely dysfunctional.

But, on the positive side, God used her sons to establish His people the Israelites and He took her decisions and used the outcome for His glory. Now that is what I want for my life!

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