Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ironman Australia

This morning during our CompuTrainer class we practiced everyone's favorite cycling drill: 1-leg pedaling. Ideally your one leg should pedal as smoothly as both legs would be together. It's a great drill because it helps you realize which leg is stronger (and thus which leg you need to focus on improving) and where your dead spots are while you're pedaling. Both my legs felt dead this morning (not sure why...), but my right leg is definitely dominant and so I started each drill set with my left leg to give it the most opportunity to succeed.

When we finished those, it was time for and Ironman. Well, not really since we only had 30 minutes left, but Todd has a video of the IM Australia course that we could ride, hills and competition and all. He hid the competition part, so it was just us and the road (watching out for kangaroos, of course), the beach, and the moto that we could make speed up or slow down based on how faster we were riding. If I do IM Loo again or IM Aus, I'm definitely riding those simulated courses for preparation!

PM Workout:
  • Single-arm rebound upright row with 1-lb dumbbell: 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 times all on one arm, then switch arms. I used 2 lb because I couldn't find 1-lb dumbbells at the CSY.
  • Bench press: 3-min iso with 45 lb
  • Push up: 3-min iso standing, with arms wide
  • Preacher curl: 2×75 seconds with light (20-lb) bar
  • Lunge: Quick style, 30 seconds, alternate legs, 4 times. For this one I did 30 seconds R, 30 sec L, rest, 30 sec L, 30 sec R, rest, repeat for 4 total sets.
  • Altitude drop legs: 10×5 with 1-min rest. Supposed to have been from 30 inches, and I used one of the tall table things that was probably about 30 inches. I didn't take the full minute rest.
  • Low squat foot jumps: 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 10 times. I could do 3 sets, 30 sec rest, 3 more, then 4. I pretty much got to the point where I could do no more.
Then it was supposed to have been off to Inversion, but by the time I could have gotten there it would have been after 8pm and I didn't want to be not-so-fashionably late. That means I actually had an hour at home: grocery list and coupons!

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