Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cycling Camp Week 3

Today's cycling class with Todd, everyone's favorite cycling coach, was so much fun. We did a 30-minute warmup ride, focusing on sitting on our sit bones, keeping a 90* angle with the ankles (meaning think about pushing your heels down when you pedal down), keeping our arms slightly bent and elbows in, and scraping across the ground with our toes (think moon-walking). We did a few high-cadence efforts and then Todd changed the course: Team Time Trial!

Todd organized us when we brought our bikes in, but I don't think anyone thought anything of it. Then he said that we were on teams with the other three that were on our side; that pitted Lisa C, Parri, Lynn, and Lee (Green) against Lisa S, Cali, Jen, and me (Red). Drafting was enabled, meaning we could work with each other throughout the entire 8-mile course. In addition, Todd set it up so that the 4th person across the line set the time for the entire team; you couldn't drop one person and still be OK.

We really did have to work together and pay attention to not drop anyone, but everyone rode really well and gave everything to stay with the others. Because my team stayed together or brought up the others who'd starting dropping off, we, though not the strongest of the two teams, ended up winning by about 50 seconds. I think the final times were 22:15 and 23:05.

It was a lot of fun. I wasn't necessarily watching how far we were ahead of the other team, although I knew they were within a minute the entire time. I was mostly focused on making sure we were all together and then letting Lisa set a good pace. We weren't all that exhausted at the end (we didn't look nearly as worn out as the other team) but still worked hard the whole time. It was a good slightly hilly course. I hope we do that again, and then we can try for a faster time!

PM workout (this was a good, tough workout; especially push up!):
  • Front-foot elevated lunge: 20 seconds iso each side, alternating, with 45-lb bar between legs, 5 times (I rested approximately 20 seconds between each set)
  • Glute ham: 1 minute iso, 3 times (here I met Darrell and he showed me a piece of equipment that I might try instead of putting my feet under the bench press piece and adding today 3×35 = 2×25 + 45lb bar = 200 lb that I couldn't move)
  • Front-foot elevated lunge: 30 quick style each side, alternating, with 45-lb bar between legs, 3 times (I rested appx. 1 minute between each set)
  • Push up: 5 on, 5 off thru 40, on feet (after 20 seconds, I stayed as long as I could on my feet, which was about 6 seconds each one)
  • Scapular pull up: 5×30 seconds (I rested 30 seconds between each)
  • Preacher curl: 5×30 seconds (I rested 30 seconds between each) with 20-lb bar

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