Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Breathing Part II

This morning, although a new day, was not much better than yesterday.
  1. Breathe three times, time inhale and exhale holding breath, repeat at least 3 times until times are consistent. Times: 18 and 45.
  2. Wall squat: 30-second iso, 45 seconds of quick-style reps while holding breath after exhaling.
  3. Glute ham: same
  4. Lunge R, L: same
  5. Push up: same
  6. Curl: same, w/ 5-lb dumbbells
  7. Front delt: same, w/ 1.5-lb dumbbells, iso at bottom
  8. Repeat #1. Times: 20 and 45
Will had to push me to get me moving; I did not want to do any of this. I want to get the most out of these workouts, and I want to be able to work as hard as I can. I feel like I just can't work as hard as I can because I'm starting out at a disadvantage. I haven't been able to think about it as a challenge; it's more like an impossibility.

After work, I headed to the Y to do a little swimming. Yes, I got back in the pool. It had been exactly a month since I'd last been in, so I determined it was time to return. I did a good 500 yards for my first time back in; I had hoped to get in 1,500, but when I walked in I saw they were giving free chair massages for the next 15 minutes only--at that point, that took priority over a few extra yards of swimming.

Then it was back home for the real PM workout:
  1. Figure out your breathing times. I was all over the board tonight and just went with 65 seconds. For the exhale times, I was typically in the low- to mid-twenties; for the inhale times, I was between 55 and 75 seconds. Split half-way: 65 seconds.

    No isos today, just quick-style reps.

  2. Front delt: I used my 8-lb med ball since I don't have 10 pounds and didn't want to go to the Cabana.
  3. Scap pull up
  4. Wall squat
  5. Lunge
I really did much better tonight than I had the previous 3 times doing this. I was just determined to do it right and do it well. All said and done, it should have been about 5:20 working, anyway. It's not like it was a marathon or anything! Although, because I did have to breathe a few times, each one took about 1:45 rather than 1:05. But still, I can do 7:45 of work well, especially if that's all I have to do.

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